Paper Fabric

Thanks to a online course I’ve fallen in love with the colors I get from ink dye sprays, specifically Ranger Dyelusions and Adirondack Color Wash. Such sprays are used to create scrapbooks and art journals. No matter that those little bottles are expensive, the spray is messy to apply, the tissue I spray on is fragile, and heaven knows how durable the results will be.

MackJoannaPaintedTissueI also spray the ink on medium weight nonfusible interfacing, which is transformed. I’ve been playing with stencils and stamps on the interfacing.

Mack_Joanna_interfacing_sprayed_over_stencilMackJoannaDarkTreesInterfacingleaf stamped interfacing

To return to the tissue paper, once it’s dry I fuse it to Wonder Under and coat it with matte gel medium to seal the surface.  I keep the paper attached until I decide what to fuse the tissue to – interfacing or cloth.

MackJoannaDilutedGelThe general idea is to quilt the sprayed interfacing to painted silk organza as a base layer. The treated tissue is cut to whatever shape you want that’s smaller than the base, sewn to the base and decorated with accents.

Here’s the instructor’s (Deborah Babin) sample piece.

Deborah Babin current look

MackJoannaRuinedChoirloftsOrganzaI’ve gotten as far as quilting the interfacing and organza, but I think I want to use the tissue paper as the base layer. Stay tuned.


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5 responses to “Paper Fabric

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  2. These are beautiful! I appreciate you sharing these projects, the possibilities seems endless…

  3. You certainly know how to have fun! I love reading about your experiments, even though I probably won’t ever try anything so involved. Can this stuff be used on, say, plain muslin? Or would that not be worth the bother?

    • The process I used had me fuse the colored paper onto Wonder Under, then seal the paper with matte gel medium. Once that all dried, I found I could fuse the paper onto fabric, including muslin. I also free motion quilted the fabric fused paper without tears (in all meanings.)

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