Lots of Wow For Little Effort

I just love to paint on fabric. It’s way less messy than dyeing, not too costly, and versatile. Spectacular results are possible when you paint on silk. Oh, you can get fancy with gutta resist, but I’m talking about free form application of paint (either Pebeo Setacolor or Setasilk) to dampened silk.

One of my art quilt groups held a silk scarf painting workshop recently. Actually, some of us painted rayon and cotton. I used a scarf and a silk pillow case. Many of us folded or scrunched the silk before paint application. A popular fold was the Princess Leia. I used that for my scarf. Here it is air drying for a few days.

painted silk scarfI used pleats for my pillow case.

painted silk pillow caseOnce my pieces dried, I rinsed them in water until the paint stopped bleeding out of them.

painted scarf rinsedAfter a wash with Blue Dawn dish detergent, I hung them to dry. That whirlpool tub is good for something.

painted scarf dryingHere’s the results.

painted silk pillowI thought the pillow would be more orange, and it does look orange in artificial light.

painted silk scarfThe scarf turned out lighter than I expected. I’m thinking of using it in a winter landscape I’m planning. Normally I wouldn’t use a scarf for fabric as you pay for the hemming, but I’ve had the blank scarf for years so I feel no guilt in cutting it up.

We got our supplies from Dharma Trading Company, which has a nice selection of scarves and tutorials on different ways to paint silk.


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2 responses to “Lots of Wow For Little Effort

  1. I like both of your results!

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