A Show That’s Just The Right Size

I will happily go to any exhibit of quilts, any size, any style. I’m fortunate to be friends with other quilters who share this passion. Our latest exhibit road trip was to take in the SAQA Piecing Together A Changing Planet traveling exhibit.

The 26 art quilts in the exhibit shared a common size and theme – the effects of human activity on our national parks.  Beyond that, they diverged wildly. Because the artists packed so much detail into their quilts my friends and I spent considerable time with each quilt, examining techniques and making guesses about how certain effects were achieved. The Cleveland Metroparks Watershed Stewardship Center, which hosted the exhibit, considerately made white gloves available so we could check out the back sides as well.

It’s a good thing there were only 26 quilts. Otherwise, we would have had to take a sitdown break every so often. And our brains would have popped trying to take in any more quilts.

I’m going to present photos (which were allowed) of details only. Click on any one for a slide show. The height at which the quilts were hung made each one look narrower at the top than the bottom in my photos. I thought it threw off the visual effect.


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4 responses to “A Show That’s Just The Right Size

  1. I love this, when artists work around a theme to make a comment on the world–the variety and the different perspectives make such a statement–much more powerful all together than any one would be by itself.

    • You give the perfect reason to set a theme for a show of any kind of art. This particular show was enhanced by the set size of every piece. It made all the pieces part of a unified display.

  2. Thank you for posting these details of the quilts. Sounds like an enjoyable exhibit and a nice time with like minded friends!

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