Leaving October

deck view

This is the view from my deck at 7:10 a.m. this morning. It’s why I put up with snowy roads to climb in the winter.

Leaves have been preoccupying me this past week. I’m trying out some mixed media supplies, mostly color sprays and ink pads for journaling and scrapbooking. More on that later, but I wanted to do some small practice pieces that featured autumn leaves.

I sorted through my silk organza scraps to find yellows, reds, and burnt siennas. Then I sandwiched the scraps between two layers of Solvy, traced a leaf onto the Solvy with a Sharpie, and free motion stitched the layers together. A dip in a bucket dissolved the Solvy, and I had some leaves.

leaf constructionleaves sewn with solvyMack_Joanna_leaves sewn and cutI think I’ve finally found something I like to free motion stitch.


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10 responses to “Leaving October

  1. Hey–those leaves are awesome! I feel like so many attempts to capture autumn in fabric fall flat but yours is really effective! It must be because you have such wonderful real live trees right outside to inspire you!

  2. Such a gorgeous view! Your leaves are lovely. I have used Solvy in this way but never thought to use small pieces/scraps instead of a whole pieces of fabric. Great idea – thanks!

  3. I love your leaves! The stitching is nice in more than one color. I’ll look forward to seeing what you do with them. Have fun!

    • I like the definite outline the black thread gives, but I think another color adds more verisimilitude. These are meant for a mixed media practice piece for an online class, though I’m ignoring most of the steps laid out by the instructor. But I had my silk organza out for another aspect of the class project so I fooled around with my scraps to make leaves.

  4. Wow! Neato! One more thing that would be great to have a class or working group to show me. Thank YOU for showing me this great trick. They are beautiful.

  5. Lesley

    How clever! And pretty.

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