Small, But With A Multiplier Effect

I used an art quilt group challenge to avoid my looming quilting duties. This time the inspiration was some Sulky 12 weight cotton thread in a muted mulberry color. A group member who had lots of spools of this color donated some to each of us.

Challenge threadI pulled out my scraps boxes and set aside any bits that seemed to go with that color. I ended up with lots of pastels and pre-made fabric. The largest piece I selected was some white on white printed fabric that I had painted with Setacolor transparent paint.

IMG_6412I came up with a design that I call Dissolving Diamonds, as one of the four sections features a sharp diamond in a square, one has an empty diamond, and the other two have diamonds that are coming apart. I used the challenge thread for some heavy straight machine sewn lines and a bit of hand running stitch. You can see some of the detail below. I think the machine stitch was a jeans stitch. The 12 weight thread worked on the top of my machine, though it broke once.

Dissolving Diamonds detail 2

While I had my scraps sorted I found another color scheme – light purple, blue, and apple green – that demanded to be combined. I even added five (count them) beads to a pinwheel in Spring Sky.

Spring Sky 2A final spin off of that 12 weight thread was some decorative machine stitching on a work in progress that I’ve been hand stitching. I’ve gotten much faster at making French knots. The thread was in my machine, so why not. I’m always amazed that so few sewers use the decorative stitches on their machines.

Grasses detail 1


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5 responses to “Small, But With A Multiplier Effect

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  2. I think the hand and machine stitching combo is great and it seems to be something more quilters and fiber artists (including me) are doing lately. Maybe it is an age or number of years quilting thing(?)! I’m not a pastel kind of gal but really like the fabric and pieces you have stitched up here!

    • For me it’s the softness created by hand stitching that draws me. And I like combining it with machine stitching so I can actually complete a piece in a reasonable amount of time. As to pastels, I really am not drawn to them, but on occasion I try to work against my natural inclinations. I guess it’s the sewing version of eat your vegetables. (But I like many vegetables, so maybe I should say, floss your teeth.)

  3. Love what you’re doing with the 3rd one. The combination of stitch designs and textures helps meld the different fabrics’ colors, shapes, and sizes.

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