Comforter Weather

As the temperatures trend slowly lower, I’ve begun to dig out my trusty lap quilts and drape them on chairs, sofas, and ottomans. They are mostly scrap quilts made with no artistic intent. Sturdiness, warmth and wash-ability were my goals.

Since I didn’t give these quilts names, I’ll refer to them by color or material. First up is my blue and green Nickel Quilts book quilt made about 2006, I think. A lot of half square triangles went into this one. I always liked the secondary pattern made where the blocks meet. The quilting is basic, diagonal lines that follow the triangle edges, but it’s held up through several washes.

bluegreenMy other go-to lap quilt is made of flannel. When I was making it about 2003 I couldn’t find flannels that didn’t have gamboling lambs and other nursery graphics on them. I went to thrift stores and bought men’s plaid flannel shirts for $1 each. I think the pattern is by Alex Anderson. It’s paper pieced, which was a pain to do, but it helped prevent stretching and made it possible for me to match up most of the points.

flannel quilt 2Again, the quilting is basic diagonal lines that cut through the block centers. I did my best to avoid a regular color pattern.

These are in readiness on our TV watching chairs. My husband says the forecast is for a warmer winter, but the temperatures are bound to drop below freezing soon enough.


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4 responses to “Comforter Weather

  1. You know what I’m going to say–I love these. I’m such a traditionalist and I just love a functional quilt made of scraps and still super pretty! And I’m also a fool for half-square triangles!

  2. These look so warm and cozy. The blue and green just radiates! I live near (too near) one of the largest quilt shops in the US and there is every type of flannel (now days) but I still love your idea of using once wore shirts — a good recycling tip and less expensive!

    • What fortune to live near a really big quilt shop. I have 3 shops within 30-45 minute drive of my house, but each has specialty areas and a certain style so I have to go to more than one for a broad array of choices. I do like to use old men’s shirts for quilts. The extra large sizes contain up to a yard of fabric.

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