Sometimes Cuddly Beats Showy

In the dog world there are show dogs and field dogs. The former exist to be looked at. Field dogs exist to be useful.  The world of quilts has a similar distinction between the show quilts designed to impress and the functional quilts made to live with, on and under.

Since I often make wall quilts, much of my work is designed for show. Every so often I decide it’s time to make a quilt for use. Yellow Jacket is my latest functional quilt.

Yellow Jacket2It’s a large lap quilt, 60 by 80 inches, with a polyester batting and totally machine sewn binding. I already washed it in my machine to start the softening process. Recently I’ve put to use on my bed as the temperatures dip into the 40s.

Yellow Jacket detailAs I wrote earlier, I dipped into my black and white fabric collection to make an enlarged version of a design by Kim Schaefer. The black and yellow fabric is by an Aboriginal designer.

Yellow Jacket backThe backing is made with the two largest hunks of fabric I owned. It’s not black and white, but gives the user the option of a different palette.

In case you’re wondering, I used to call this quilt Bumblebee. However, a nasty experience with a large wasp next led me to rename it Yellow Jacket, in honor of my husband’s bravery.


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5 responses to “Sometimes Cuddly Beats Showy

  1. After a nightmarish experience when yellowjackets came swarming out of the wall into my bedroom, I loathe them! They loved being around my old house and we’d often find nests under the eaves or out in the yard. Shudder!

    • They sure can make life a misery. Your experience sounds like a premise for a horror movie. My brother ran over a nest while he was mowing and life was interesting for a while.

  2. Good point about the showy vs functional distinction. Enough said.

  3. In my world cuddly ALWAYS beats showy! But I guess art quilts aren’t usually practical as bed covers. I like the unusual color combo on this quilt but I don’t know if I could relax under a quilt that made me think of wasps!

    • And sometimes even non art quilts that have been heavily quilted aren’t good for bed covers. I just helped with judging a quilt show where the big winner was so heavily quilted it felt like cardboard. As for the title, I understand your reaction, but it’s my way to acknowledge my husband’s efforts. If only I had taken a photo of him suited up with brimmed hat, face mask, long sleeves, and gloves.

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