Arty Mug Rugs

Even art quilters turn out mug rugs for swaps. We had a good time trading our rugs at a recent meeting of a group I belong to. The deal was, you got to choose a rug for each rug you brought. In the interests of fairness the selection was done in rounds.

I took five and ended up with seven, thanks to over production by some members.

mug rugsAll kinds of techniques popped up – discharge, decorative machine stitching, painting, piecing, and raw edge applique. One person even brought a beaded rug.

Here’s one I’d like to have guard my morning cup of coffee.

rhino mug rugWorried about coffee rings? These are pre-made.

batik discharge mug rugThis rug was cut from a larger painted fabric, and they all looked beautiful laid out.

painted mug rugTalk about the ability to cover up stains!

decorative stitch mug rugscrappy mug rugAnd for your dainty tea cup.

floral mug rug



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2 responses to “Arty Mug Rugs

  1. The green cat in #4 looks like she hasn’t had her morning coffee yet.

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