Occasional Wednesday Salon

Thanks to the Art Threads blog I recently discovered the unique hand stitching work of Hillary Fayle. Lots of hand stitching creations are unique; not that many are beautiful. Fayle’s are.

Hillary FayleHillary Fayle websiteHillary Fayle This Is Colossal leaf-4Hillary Fayle french knots websiteHillary Fayle seed pods

Her artistic statement:

“I use found botanical material such as leaves, seedpods, and branches to explore human connection to the physical world. By combining these organic objects with the rich traditions of needlecraft, I bind nature and the human touch. Both tender and ruthless, this intricate stitch work communicates the idea that our relationship with the natural world is both tenuously fragile and infinitely complex.”

Tender and ruthless – wow.

The Bored Panda blog says she “starts by coating each leaf in a non-toxic preservative that stiffens them up and protects them. Then, she cuts them into various forms and embroiders them or simply embroiders onto their uncut surfaces.” She occasionally posts her work on her blog, though I can find no description of her cutting and stitching processes. Some of her work features just cutting.

Hillary Fayle Nevermore

On her blog Fayle says, “I began stitching on unconventional materials when I was studying embroidery at the Manchester Metropolitan University in Manchester, England.” According to the blog This Is Colossal, in 2014 Fayle was working on a MFA in Craft/Material studies at the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. Yet another website reports she studied and as of 2013 lived in New York state.


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4 responses to “Occasional Wednesday Salon

  1. These are spectacular! I probably wouldn’t’ve heard of this artist if you hadn’t done your post–thanks!

    • Unfortunately, artists who work with thread/cloth seem to get overlooked, possibly because their pieces are smaller than room size installations. But I won’t begin my rant about “performance art.”

  2. I can hardly believe this. I was looking at these stitched leaves yesterday on the Internet! Fell in love with the two ginkgo leaves joined with stitching that forms another leaf. Thank you for sharing about the artist.

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