How Did I Get Here?

“It’s the journey, not the destination” should be the caption for what I’ve been making over the past few months. I mentioned that I did some big stitch embroidery on fabric squares and was trying to unify them in one piece. Here’s the beginning.

Arches beginningAbout the only coherent aspect of this is a color scheme.

After some attempts at refining this I realized I needed to make two pieces from the fabric bits I had selected.

Arches beginning stitching Grasses draftI added a bit of embroidery to the narrow piece, couched down the cording, and set it aside. Then I went to work on the other piece.

Arcs original Arcs cutI did more embroidery to extend the existing lines, couched on yarns and perle cotton, and applied my Inktense pencils before I quilted it. I found out the perle cotton was not colorfast. Not to worry, it became a design element. I stared at the piece for a few days trying to figure out what was bothering me. I decided the shapes on the right hand side were too large, and whacked off about 4 inches. You can see where I sliced above.

Arcs edges finishedI zigzagged around the edges a few times to secure any dangling threads created by my surgery and then attached gold cord as a finish to Arcs.


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5 responses to “How Did I Get Here?

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  2. Love the abstract design. And the stitching you’ve done really compliments it! 😊

  3. A great design exercise, a fun project and I really like the finished Arcs!

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