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Despite all evidence to the contrary, I’m aware that there’s more to life than quilting. Since summer is winding down I thought I’d feature some non quilting posts that I found amusing, awe inspiring, or informative.

I made derogatory remarks about selfies earlier this summer. As with any popular trend, it has become fertile ground for riffs. Francois Dourlen has developed humor from them. One of my favorites is below.

Marge-Simpson-as-British-GuardMy summer road trip has made me susceptible to travel nostalgia, so I frittered away some time looking at postcards and photos from places along the fabled Route 66. Us geezers know it’s where to go to get your kicks.

Wigwam MotelCheck out the car at the Wigwam Motel.

El Trovatore 2 ArizonaIn Kingman, Arizona, you could unwind at the El Trovatore’s cocktail lounge. I suspect that tall neon sign could be seen for miles.

If you haven’t yet discovered her work, let me suggest you look at some examples by Linda Kemshall. She and her daughter Laura wrote The Painted Quilt, an inspiring lesson in other ways to make quilts. Anyway, here’s Linda’s studio, which has become my touchstone for dream studios.

Linda Kemshall studioA few months ago I showed you art made from books. Now let me introduce you to Peter Gentenaar, a paper sculptor.

Peter Abu Dhabi

peter4He does work for public spaces as well as some fashion shows. I was introduced to him by the Pink Pagoda Studio.

I know I mentioned a quilter, but I didn’t show her quilts. So this still qualifies as a non quilting post.


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8 responses to “Random Stuff From My Inbox

  1. I came to California driving along Route 66, many years ago. Now I live just a few blocks away and do a lot of my shopping etc there. My town embraces its historical significance and I enjoy the link to my younger and arguably more adventurous self!

    • Did you stay at any of those colorful motels on your move to California? It’s fun to see photos of some over the decades as owners “modernized” them. Anyway, I hope you have a chance to toast route 66 at an establishment located on it near you.

  2. Really fun post – thanks for sharing. I agree with Pam regarding Linda Kemshall’s studio!

  3. Pam

    We can’t, and should’t be, all quilts all the time. Inspiration is all around – Linda Kemshall’s studio is the bomb!

    • I wonder if she’d be willing to put her studio on airbnb, or maybe we should start the quilters’ equivalent of it. I know quilters with studios in McCarthy, Alaska; Vancouver, Canada’ and Whidbey Island, Washington. And I have a photo folder called inspiration, which is filled with images that aren’t quilts.

  4. Fun stuff! I think it would be very cool to cross the country on Route 66–how much have you traveled of it?

    • I’ve been on bits of it in Illinois, Missouri, and New Mexico. However, I really need a period ‘Vette to do the trip justice. And there’s also the Lincoln Highway, the first coast to coast road established in 1913.

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