Details Day

Much as I wish I spent every sewing studio moment in a froth of creativity, sometimes you have to clean up the details.

I sewed a hanging sleeve on a small quilt for an auction,

Hanging sleeveMaking Trackssewed down most of the applique on a group quilt block,

friendship quilt flowerfigured out what to use for a mug rug swap,

mug rug bitsand completed the quilting on Bumblebee.

Bumblebee quiltedMy reward is to draw a line through those items on my list. Tangible progress.


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9 responses to “Details Day

  1. I’m very bad at doing these little jobs–it’s happening with weaving, too. I leave fringe untwisted, hems unstitched, etc. But your finished projects are inspiring and look great!

    • Those little jobs I try to save up for listening to audio books or watching TV shows that don’t require intense concentration to follow the plot line. However, I do all the measuring needed first, having learned from past oopsies. And thanks for the compliment about my projects.

  2. A lot of times its getting the ‘little’ (but necessary) things done that free you for your next great inspiration!

  3. patty

    Bumblebee looks great! It does feel so good to get projects completed including those little details!

  4. Good for you. I feel like my feet are in mud — not making progress very fast. 😦

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