A Leap of Faith Pays Off

I’ve entered my work in several quilt shows, including one national show, but none have been juried shows. What’s that, you ask. For a juried show acceptance of your quilt is based on quality of design/workmanship rather than your name or reputation. You send in photos of your work, your entry fees, and hope for a positive response from the jurors.

On a lark, and because I’m from Philadelphia, I submitted a quilt to the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza XXII. I suspect they didn’t have the number of entries they hoped for, as they put out a last minute email about entries.

To my surprise my quilt, Canyon, was selected for the show, which will be held September 17-20 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA.


detail3_canyonLots of colored and otherwise tortured fabrics went into this one, based loosely on Colorado’s Black Canyon of the Gunnison. Wait til the judges get a load of the back of my free motion quilting.

Whatever the judges say, I’m chuffed that I’ve met the challenge set by a quilting friend to enter a juried show.


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16 responses to “A Leap of Faith Pays Off

  1. Debbie

    Congratulations! Don’t sell yourself short , we only see the flaws in our own work!!

  2. patty


  3. Stunning. I live in a canyon, the Salmon River Canyon, which is currently on fire. They have pulled all of the firefighters due to high winds and danger. It looks like your quilt. Thanks for the visual, I am searching my heart for my own interpretation of this wrenching day, and wonder what your story is… You are an inspiration.

    • Oh no, I trust your home and your loved ones are safe. From the news I see that 17 miles of the river are closed, which affects rafters, and, obviously, homeowners. I hope your way out isn’t threatened. This is a horrible way to get inspiration for art. My inspiration was much more benign – watching the sun move through Colorado’s Black Canyon over a day. My thoughts will be with you as I follow the fire’s progress.

  4. That is so exciting – Congratulations. It looks wonderful in the photo so I bet it is even better up close. Would you consider sharing a photo of the back sometime? No matter how we feel about the jury process, I think, it is always neat to know more people will see the quilt as art, especially for the wall.

  5. jennyklyon

    And that is a good friend! I’ll bet you will enjoy the process and learn from seeing your work hang with others. It is a stunning quilt and it’s so good to share the beauty with others!

    • It’s wonderful to have friends who believe in your work and will give you a gentle nudge every so often. And congrats to you on the Napa gig. I would think the biggest drawback would be easy availability of good wine – from a quilting perspective, that is. Otherwise, it’s a real plus.

  6. I love how it looks like it’s glowing. Congratulations, it will be a wonderful addition to their show.
    And I hope you remember your phrase “tortured fabrics,” because now as a big famous textile artist you will need phrases like that in your mission statement, so everyone knows how serious you are. 🙂

    • And we all know how I love serious mission statements. Luckily, I’m not a big famous textile artist. That does sound better than quilter. Seriously, thanks for your confidence in this piece.

  7. Judy

    I am so proud of you!

  8. Oh, how great! Congratulations! It’s a wonderful mix of colors and lights and darks!

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