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Enough of these nature photos. Where’s the quilting, you ask. Your wish is my command.

As any quilter knows, road trips have to involve a stop at a quilt store. I managed to abstain from fabric through Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska, and South Dakota; but succumbed in Bozeman, Montana at the annual Crazy Days sale. That’s right, the magic word for me is sale.

Bozeman is an attractive town of about 40,000 people that’s home to Montana State University and close to good hiking. It boasts a downtown with a diverse array of shops and restaurants and the aforementioned Crazy Days. Almost all the stores put out tables on the sidewalks and offer goods at least 50% off the original prices. The Main Street Quilting Company offered four four shelf movable racks filled with fabric bolts at $5 a yard. They also offered thread and notions at 25% off.

I sent my husband off to a bookstore and got busy shopping. I hauled away seven yards of fabric, mostly the Stonehenge line, plus Aurifil thread and Valdani perle cotton. In addition, I was so taken with some fabric printed antique postcards of Glacier National Park I paid full price. I was told these are printed locally.

Glacier poster printsNext door to the quilt shop an import store was selling Thai silk purses for only $10. I bought one of those, too, obeying my policy that it’s always cheaper to buy a purse than to make one.

silk purse 1


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11 responses to “Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programs

  1. I really like those postcard panels and what a great souvenir from your trip! I need to get out and see more of America . . .

  2. I am quite impressed that you managed to make it through 4 states without any purchases! The US has so many beautiful places to see. Maybe on a future trip…

    • It helps that I didn’t darken the doors of any fabric stores in those states. I even passed billboards advertising quilt shops. Yes, this trip helped me realize anew how many wonderful places there are to visit in the U.S. My husband had been lobbying for Europe (the exchange rate and all) but I’m glad I stuck to my guns.

  3. Great finds and memories from your trip! I have made purses too and like you said… never again!

  4. jennyklyon

    I love Bozeman! I giggled at your policy (which I totally agree with) of buying your purses instead of making them. What a fun trip!

    • We enjoyed ourselves and felt lucky to have been in Glacier less than a week before the forest fire. We liked Bozeman enough we even went to some real estate open houses! Alas, prices are quite high from the Ohio perspective. I made one purse which seemed to consist of layers upon layers of linings and interlinings. Never again.

  5. Wow what great finds! I love the postcard prints. Unfortunately they also bring up an unpleasant memory of a woman I’d become friends with in an online group. She and I began an email correspondence. When we headed to Glacier in 2013 she asked if I would send her a postcard. I chose two or three in the vintage style and sent them to her while on our trip. We continued our emails, usually daily, and developed what I thought was a warm friendship. Then in October she disappeared and stopped responding to my notes. We hadn’t had any falling out or conflict. She was just gone. I know she didn’t die or anything that drastic, as she was still involved with the group (though I was not anymore.) She just disappeared from me…

    The purse is wonderful, too. I can’t imagine making totes and purses for myself, though many people enjoy doing that.

    • Well, that was certainly weird for you. I’ve certainly lost touch with folks from my past, but it’s always been a gradual separation. The Bozeman store offers fabric prints of other parks in the event Glacier brings back too many bad memories. In buying the purse I felt bad taking advantage of some sweatshop worker in Thailand, but the damage was already done, so to speak.

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