And Then There Were The Flowers

Not content with just clouds, I branched out into wildflowers. I was told they were still blooming due to a wet spring.

I can identify the sunflowers, but the rest I’m clueless about. That’s OK, I can enjoy them without knowing their names.


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4 responses to “And Then There Were The Flowers

  1. I’ll guess the white one is a trillium. The tall one is probably wild parsnip. The purple ones in the field could be bee balm, but I don’t know, really. Very pretty. Did you enjoy your trip in general?

    • Yikes, I sure hope the one plant wasn’t wild parsnip. I just read it is an invasive plant that can cause skin burns. Yes, we really enjoyed our trip. My dh did all the driving and most of the logistics. I can recommend NW Nebraska for quiet softly rolling fields, and the Black Hills area of SD (outside of the obvious tourist traps like Deadwood). Do avoid Wall, SD, which is nothing but a tourist trap. Its sole virtue is its proximity to the Badlands. I stopped at only one quilt store, though I know there are more.

  2. A wildflower by any name would smell as sweet!

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