Clouds of the West

While everyone else I encountered on my 4700 mile road trip was taking selfies, I concentrated on clouds. The western skies are so expansive that the cloud formations can be dramatic. I may look into digital fabric printing of some of my clouds.

Starting in Chadron, Nebraska, I took up my point and shoot camera in this cause.

Chadron Nebraska sky 3Chadron Nebraska sky 5

Next up, Montana. These are from the road and Many Glacier in Glacier National Park.

Then the Badlands of South Dakota.

Badlands 12

Our Car in the Badlands

Our Car in the Badlands

Entering The Badlands

Entering The Badlands

What’s with all those selfies anyway? I took a 1.5 mile cave tour (Wind Cave) and followed a mother and son who stopped every 10 feet for picture taking – of themselves.


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5 responses to “Clouds of the West

  1. Wow–those skies and clouds! I haven’t been to this part of the country so these are really fun to see! And I totally agree about selfies . . .

    • Montana’s slogan “big sky country” is spot on. I figured out that Montana’s population of about one million is roughly double the population of the county I live in. To put that in perspective, my county has 420 square miles. Montana has 147,000 square miles. Lots of elbow room there.

  2. In some ways I envy you your trip. Our son recently moved to the Seattle area and I’m eager to road-trip to see him. Just not right now… 🙂 Lovely pix — thanks for sharing.

    • And Seattle is an even longer drive! You do have the advantage of starting from Iowa, which cuts several hundred miles off the trip. We did find driving easier west of the Mississippi – all the open space and the 80 MPH speed limits.

      • We’d probably go the “long” way to get out there, about 2500 miles, and the “short” way to get back, only about 1800. 🙂 But yes, once you’re past the Mississippi and most of the big urban areas, driving is simpler.

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