Color Served Straight Up

Sometimes when I get stuck on how to solve a quilting problem I procrastinate by making something ridiculously easy. I’ve been stuck on a project that involves silk organza and how to layer it, so I grabbed some strips from the only fabric jelly roll I’ve ever bought (that Caryl Bryer Fallert fabric I used for Rennie) and went to work. I sketched out a design which I promptly ignored. It occurs to me I use sketches to eliminate ideas.

Color Slide sketchI simply wanted to enjoy the color changes on the strips, so I combined red and green family strips with some McKenna Ryan ombre fabric I found in Ohio’s Amish county ($5.50 a yard!) and added thin strips of a graphite solid. I played around with some cut out squares, probably influenced by my research for Rennie.

Color SlideThe straight line quilting is done in gray, red, light turquoise, dark turquoise, and dark green. Most of the lines are 1/2 inch apart, but I decided to leave one inch spaces between the different color threads. There are two lines of quilting in a light gray down the middle of each gray strip.

I bound it in the graphite fabric. By happy chance one of the quilting lines meshed perfectly with the label on the back. Color Slide measures 24 by 46 inches, and will most likely get used on my dining room table.

Color Slide label

Now I need to get back to that organza.



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6 responses to “Color Served Straight Up

  1. This is wonderful. You continue to inspire me.

  2. I love it! Simple without being simplistic, bold and sophisticated!

  3. jennyklyon

    Ooo-love this. Masterfully done! You have used the gradated fabric effectively and the black strips set it all off nicely. I like the sense of rhythm you have created with the white squares. I hope you enter this in shows so that others can appreciate your work!

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