I Won, I Won!

Occasionally I enter quilting blog giveaways; very rarely I win.  Recently I got lucky.

To give some perspective, I’ve begun to use thermofax screens to print on fabric, and I’ve bought some from an Etsy shop called PGfiber2Art. Like most Etsy shops there’s a go-with blog. I decided to follow it for ideas about printing from screens plus other art quilt tidbits.

When a giveaway was featured, I entered, and the rest is history.

Giveaway winningsThe blue fabric is ice dyed, and the sandy fabric is rusted. These will work well in a landscape series I’m planning. The two seashell thermofax screens will get used with discharge paste on other, less attractive hand dyed fabric I have.

Here’s a link to the directions I received for printing from these screens. BTW, this is an unsolicited post. All the shop owners asked me to do was send them any photos I take of how I used these items.



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7 responses to “I Won, I Won!

  1. I’ve never used thermofax screens, but I’m guessing this is an activity that needs to be done outside rather than in the kitchen?

    • Not really. You can use fabric paint, silk screen ink, acrylic paint, etc., to print your image the same way you’d use a stencil. Just wash the screen when you’re done so the screen doesn’t get clogged with dry paint. You can also use discharge paste, in which case you might want to work outside due to the smell of the paste.

  2. patty

    It is always fun to win something! I will be looking forward to see what you do with the screen.

  3. Diane Bird

    Yeah! Congratulations!

  4. What fun for lucky you! I look forward to seeing your landscape series.

  5. Katie Krieger


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