Three Little Birds

I like to have a well defined project on the go to balance all my “where am I going with this” efforts. A project where most of the decisions have already been made gives my brain a rest. For me, this is often paper piecing.

As I browsed photos from QuiltCon my eye was caught by a group quilt that featured paper pieced birds. The pattern is from McCall’s Quilting and is pretty simple for paper piecing.

paper pieced birdsI like the different sizes of birds, the way they face different directions, and the gaps in the lineups.

I decided to begin with birds of the same size, but facing different directions. Later I may enlarge some and shrink others. And maybe I’ll embroider a worm or a twig in some of the beaks.

After a fling through my scraps I began to piece. Here are the three little birds I’ve made so far. The Bob Marley song keeps running through my head, so here’s a link to it to keep you company.

three little birdsI’m undecided about whether to make long, skinny pillows from my birds with a single row on a branch, or turn them into a child’s quilt with lots of branches. I just ordered a feathers backing fabric for it, whatever “it” turns out to be.


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13 responses to “Three Little Birds

  1. Would you please tell me what issue of McCalls magazine the bird pattern is in? I really like the pattern and have been wanting to make a bird quilt.

  2. patty

    Love you little birds!

  3. I’ve been meaning to try paper piecing–I’ve never done it and I think it might appeal to my need for control! I like the birdies . . .

    • The more you control your variables in paper piecing, the better it will turn out. The McCall’s bird pattern I used works fine, though you’d want to consult other sources for ways to do the paper piecing.

  4. jennyklyon

    All of your choices are wonderful! I too really enjoy having a no-brainer project on my plate. Right now I’m in one, and it’s so nice to have something to work on while I onset my next piece. Enjoyable post!

    • I hope to add to the flock next weekend at a quilt retreat. I hope I don’t get so carried away with talk that I stitch the pieces to the wrong side. Ask me how I know this can happen. And thanks.

  5. I’ve been planning an applique project with a bird — a catbird. I’d like to make it the center of a small quilt. But there are always so many projects, it’s hard to get there… Your birds are very sweet. I’ll look forward to seeing more.

  6. I see lots of little scraps being put to good use in your birds! 🙂 They’re cute – almost cute enough to convince me to have a go at paper piecing some myself … (almost …) 😉

    • Yes, the scrap baskets got pulled out for cutting the pieces. And cutting your pieces to a size before paper piecing really does help prevent goofs. Judy Niemeyer’s patterns are so successful because she provides templates for cutting the pieces to be paper pieced. This bird pattern is pretty simple, as paper piecing patterns go. No sharp points to match up.

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