Recent Dabblings

Besides work on two longer term projects that I tweak a bit each day, I’ve tossed off a few palate cleansers made with scraps on hand.

Spring @ 60 MPH is now done. I even washed it to get rid of the Elmer’s school glue I used in the binding process. I combined walking foot and free motion quilting and now wish I had done all walking foot quilting. My FMQ is a lot better on a 16 square than on a larger piece.

Spring@60MPHThis qualifies as my most frugal quilt of the year as I used mostly 2.5 inch strips I had, and a piece of fabric I was given for the back.

My FMQ was better on a small improv piece I call Dappled. I used scraps I had sewn together previously, plus binding leftover from another project.

DappledThen, I did more work on two improv pieces I started about a year ago. The one shown first, My Brain On Xmas, is weird enough to have left my husband speechless.

My Brain On XmasThe “brain” fabric is a paintstick rubbing of a kitchen trivet. The dog fabric is a bit of Indonesian print I’ve had since the 1970s. Yes, there’s Christmas fabric in there. All the blue/green/yellow fabric was hand dyed.

I began the other improv piece at the same time, as you can see by the shared fabrics. I hope to use an empty frame with a mat to display a small quilt, and this piece was the only one with a chance of fitting the frame. I’ve added strips to make it fit the mat opening. So much for carefully considered design.

Idea for frame



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14 responses to “Recent Dabblings

  1. Diane Bird

    I don’t know what the last piece looked like before you added the thin lines, but I really like it. It is disturbing (maybe that’s why I like it). I like what those lines do in relation to the red and the squiggly lines. There is a passion here. It makes me want to peel off the layers and see what is behind it. What are those lines saying? Keep out? Stop? I made a mistake? 🙂 Then there is the second layer; the red layer full of life and movement with the squiggly line, free cut strips and that very cool curvy piece half contained in in what looks like a small carton. Lastly is the third layer that sits behind the red box hiding. I find my eye lingering around that box wondering what calmness is behind it. We don’t know because we are only allowed to see just a little around the edges. Kudos. I really like it. I wonder what your small quilt group will say about it!

    • Wow, I didn’t know all that was there! Just yesterday a friend was talking about a 5 day workshop she attended where each student’s work was discussed. She was amazed at the qualities her fellow students saw in her work. So thanks.

  2. Pam

    My Brain On Christmas takes the prize!

  3. jennyklyon

    Love spring! The fmq appears and disappears-an effect I really like. LOL-husband speechless! It’s my favorite of your palette cleansers and a great title to boot!

    • I do try to have something for everyone. So glad you like Spring. Now if it would just get to Ohio. I think the quilting appears/reappears because I used green thread that “vanishes” when the stitching is over the green fabric. The walking foot walking was done in a green variegated rayon thread.

  4. Judy

    Each piece is so different. Spring really gives the feeling of the color and drive of that time of year. On the other hand, I found your last piece very unsettling– maybe because of the strong diagonal line and a piece that looks like an open mouth and another that looks like an eye… and yes, I watch too much SyFy channel at times!

    • I had to laugh when I read your comment about the last piece, as one of the things that happens when I work on a piece for a while is I don’t really “see” it. Maybe I should take advantage of that creepiness and play to it. Let me go read up on some H. P. Lovecraft for inspiration.

  5. Good heavens–you’ve been busy! So much variety and creativity!

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