Cute As A Button

I just had to share some of the buttons members of my guild ogled the other night during a presentation by a member of our local button club. Who knew the rules of the button police were even stricter than those of the quilt police?

If you’re interested creating a button collection, as opposed to having a tin of jumbled old buttons, try some of these websites: National Button Society, antique and vintage button descriptions, Buttons in Time. Some of these sites have many links to other, more specialized sites. And there’s probably a button society in your area.


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4 responses to “Cute As A Button

  1. Pam

    I can’t decide if buttons with such great design as these are a good thing or bad thing. Is a button the finishing touching touch that makes all the difference on an otherwise simple garment, or does it indicate an over the top obsession with miniscule details? I guess buttons are just little pieces of history when people made/had enough time to devote to their creation. Mind you, this thought is coming from one who makes very simple utilitarian quilts but has has quite a collection of earrings . . .

    • I think buttons were a more important decorative clothing element when dresses, shirts, etc., weren’t as plentiful as they are for us. I recall reading about women putting new ribbons and buttons on their dresses to freshen them up. I don’t know if frugal housewives still routinely cut off buttons before discarding old clothing. It may be that plastic and resin buttons have made buttons yet another disposable item. I have a tin of buttons that were reused by my grandmother and mother. I keep meaning to put them on a quilt, but they are elaborate and wouldn’t work well on a functional quilt.

  2. Who knew there were button societies?! Not surprising I guess when you see how beautiful those buttons are.

    • And there are button societies or clubs at the local, state, and national levels. I gather prices for rare and desirable buttons can go for hundreds of dollars. Well, at least buttons don’t take up a lot of space, so they’re easier to store than, say, antique cars.

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