New Spring Quilt

I gave myself permission to make a new quilt top since I had been so good about practicing FMQ. In fact, I have a plastic container full of awful work to show for it. My husband has learned to steer clear of my sewing room when he hears the muttering start. All he says is, “So, I hear you’ve been free motion quilting.”

But not only did I make a new top, it’s my favorite kind of work – all play with color and freehand cut curves. The concept comes from the latest AQS Magazine pattern by Timna Tarr.

Timna Tarr pattern AQS

It’s really more broad instructions than a pattern, and even the instructions are wrong. I found that out after I had cut about half the strip sets. Here are the instructions in question. Somehow the sets are supposed to grow magically by half an inch once they’re cut.

Instruction error AQSIt just means my quilt will be a bit smaller than planned.

After rooting around in my container of 2.5 inch strips and raiding other scrap collections I assembled a lot of blue, green, and light colored strip sets. Then I made some wavy cuts the length of the strips and sewed the segments of the set together.

IMG_5567After that I chopped them up and began laying them out on my design wall (aka a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth.)

IMG_5564I’ve played around with the layout and have been sewing the bits together. It’s shocking to see how much shrinkage there is once the horizontal seams are sewn.

Top shrinkageMy working title is Spring @ 60 MPH.



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15 responses to “New Spring Quilt

  1. I really like the variegated green – it looks like the light is shining in different areas and the quilt has a sense of movement.

  2. Definitely something is off with those instructions. But what a fun and interesting quilt! Love your working title, too.

  3. I like the addition of the skinny row. I had been contemplating doing this pattern so glad to know about the size issue. The title of yours truly adds the finale finesse!

  4. That will be cool. The instructions are very confusing and don’t seem to add up, but I guess the concept is the most important part. Yes, you’ve been busy with fmq and with finishing up. Seems like a good excuse to start something new.
    I’ve got 2 new projects started for class. One is more “traditional” colors with dark red, black, olive, and creams of various directions (toward gold and toward grey or taupe.) But I’m trying to deal with it in a very informal, not-stuffy way. So far so good. The other is very different for me with brilliant colors, some curved insets in the center block, mitered first border that doesn’t have traditional symmetry… very fun.

  5. jennyklyon

    Loving this-any trouble with the curvy seams?

    • Because you cut your pieces down to size after the curvy seams are sewn, they shouldn’t be a problem. I followed the directions to sew the curved seam with a very short stitch length. Otherwise, you just sew the curves an inch at a time, with no pinning.

  6. I bet it’s fun to get back to color play! What you’re making has a happy, upbeat look!

  7. Those instructions are bizarre! Frustrating to only find out after you’ve cut half of your strips, too … However, it’s looking pretty good so far 🙂

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