Class Work

This will be the last post about my Empty Spools class, I promise. As I noted earlier, everyone in my translucent fabrics class did unique work. Here are details of some of their products.  I asked, and received, permission to take photos.

Meyer Kathleen (2) The tiny squares connected with hand sewn dark thread give this piece such rhythm. Little buttons and charms are caught in organza pockets.

Meyer Laura (2)Strong colors and jagged diagonal lines make for a dramatic piece. Although a primary color scheme is used, the muted reds and blues give depth.

Meyer Allison (2)The dramatic center is highlighted by those fringed raw edges, and the “flaw” in the one piece of blue fabric under the yellow square helps center your eye.

Meyer Kathy (2)Ice dyed cotton and silk organza brought to class make for mysterious effects. The crosses are used sporadically throughout.


Finally, here’s where my “bubbles” piece is as of mid March. I began this at Empty Spools and continued working on it at home. It will be mostly fused, and probably hand and machine quilted. I’m finding the silk organza to be a bit frisky to work with.



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5 responses to “Class Work

  1. I am really enjoying seeing the translucent fabrics. I especially love your cut up bubbles. Such a neat effect. I think at some point I am going to have to try something along those lines.

  2. jennyklyon

    I am not tired of your postings about your class-as a fellow lover of sheers, I am living vicariously through your posts! I am loving your bubbles, also the fringy piece-very cool!

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