California Dreaming

If all goes as planned I’ll be in Monterey, California, when you read this. My big splurge of 2015 is to attend a workshop by Jeannette Meyer at the Empty Spools Seminar.

I’ll be painting silk organza and creating transparent layers. Oh, I plan to do lots of hiking and ocean gawking, as well.

Talk to you in March.



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15 responses to “California Dreaming

  1. It was fun meeting up for dinner! I’m having such a great time in this beautiful place!

  2. Can’t wait to hear about it!

  3. sandy

    Bring back some cool ideas, please. Stay safe and enjoy your trip to warm.

  4. Lucky you! A seminar and Monterey! I have wonderful memories of visiting there, Have fun!

  5. Quilt Writer

    Sounds divine!

  6. How great! Have fun, enjoy the weather and the scenery, learn a lot, and come back to tell us all about it!

  7. jennyklyon

    Lucky girl-you’re going to love Assilomar! I’m jealous. I thought I would go every year and I’ve been once and it’s just under a 4 hr drive for me. Can’t wait to see what you do!

  8. California sounds wonderful after all our cold snowy weather. Enjoy your trip!

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