Spoiled for Choice

My slow quilting pledge has gotten me into trouble already as I ponder the block arrangement for my modern drunkards path quilt.

So far, I’ve developed six (!) possible combinations of the background blocks and am struggling to make a choice. And I haven’t yet exhausted all the possibilities.

Here are my layouts (so far:)


I tried doing the shape centers in random light blocks but thought it lacked oomph, though I may end up using that approach. The middle left and bottom right arrangements are minor variations of a dark/light center block. Same with the left top and bottom. Both remind me of electric sockets. The top right (checkerboard) and middle right (one side light/one side dark) are different from the others. I don’t think the former will work.

It would be nice to create a series and make a few versions, but I’m out of these fabrics so that’s not on.

One aspect of this project that’s gone well is sewing the curved blocks. I used Angela Pingel’s how-to video and her one pin method worked a treat.


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16 responses to “Spoiled for Choice

  1. patty

    I light the second row left and the bottom row right. I am not crazy about the ones where the nine patch checkerboard look is so obvious. Cross country skiing – several of the secondary streets in my neighborhood were plowed, but then they were connected by unplowed streets so it makes it a challenge to get around. I was glad to walk on the slushy plowed streets as it was so much easier than the unplowed streets.

    • You’re definitely in the majority opinion as to layout for this one. Do be careful walking as drivers can underestimate their stopping time in this weather, and I believe you may be walking when it’s getting dark or just getting light.

  2. Since you posted all the options, I’ll put in my 2 cents too. I really like the one that appears to have the solid centers inside the shapes (middle left). I think it’s ‘more’ modern than the others. I love the colors you chose too. I don’t like the random placement or the formation of cross shapes as they seem to be fighting. The squares pop out and fight with and detract from the beautiful curves.

  3. Gorgeous, I especially love the middle left (also the bottom right). Thanks for linking that tutorial, I like her approach.

    • I’m sensing a consensus of opinion favoring either your choice or randomness. I’ll take a photo of the current random background and post it in a bit. As to the tute, I found this approach of working from the edges to the middle of the curve really solved most of my curved piecing issues. I didn’t have to redo a single block.

  4. I like them all, except the ones you call electrical sockets. All I can see are aliens, with big googly eyes . . . The fabrics are gorgeous!

    • Googly eyed aliens – I love it. But no, that’s not the effect I was going for. That possible layout is definitely in the trash. And yes, Kaffe Fassett fabrics are lovely. It’s why I made the blocks so big (5 inches).

  5. I would say, random or middle left. How big will the quilt be? Lots of blocks to go? It might make a difference to the impact of the layout. It is really a beautiful quilt in the making no matter which layout you go with!

    • What you see is the entire quilt, which should finish up at least 50 by 70 inches. I elected to supersize the design, in part because I didn’t want to cut up the Kaffe Fassett fabrics into small pieces. Also, I felt going large would make a stronger graphic impact. Thanks for giving your thoughts on this.

  6. Jill Rose Brennan

    I like the middle left and lower right best. They seem to have more of a focal point. Your eye knows how to look at it. If that makes any sense at all. It’s interesting for me as I am just working on a curved block as well. Thank you!

    • Thank you for being a fresh pair of eyes on these layouts. I find my opinion as to the best layout has changed with the passage of time. I agree with your choices for the layouts I posted. Right now I have a random layout on my wall. Good luck with your curved block. Love to see it when it’s done.

  7. My preference is random. With it patterned, my eye is attracted to the centers and not to the whole. So the randomness lets me see the whole thing, which I prefer.

  8. jennyklyon

    Agreed-the top right and middle right and bottom left have a recognizably traditional block in the center. You’ve got the Modern vibe going on so the other choices seem to marry better to the mood of your quilt. Fun layout!

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