First Finish of The Year

Since it’s still January, I’m keeping my resolution to finish projects before haring off on new ones. While I’ve quilted two projects I started in 2014, I got Impact bound first. I’m still mulling over fabric choices for the more complicated binding on my landscape.

Impact 2

Impact was inspired by Terry Aske’s quilt, Wedges. Her quilt was inspired by others, as she discusses here.

Wedges Terry AskeWedges by Terry Aske

I began with the same technique, random width strips of fabric sewn together, then cut into wedges using the eyeball measuring system. I used only two sets of strips, but inserted white  and solid wedges to make up the circle. I put in some of my modern fabrics by Zen Chic, Marcia Derse, and Parson Gray.

Impact wedge

I found I needed a lot more wedges than I thought I would. I came up with some work-arounds to join the quarters, and squared off the corners with big triangles of the gray and green fabrics.

Impact measures 42.5 inches square, is bound with the Parson Gray fabric used in the quilt, and is backed with a “modern” Zen Chic print.


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13 responses to “First Finish of The Year

  1. terryaskeartquilts

    Joanna – I’m glad my Exploding Wedges quilt inspired you to make your Impact quilt. It’s a fun and freeing technique – very improv.

    Interestingly, I first saw Lisa’s Fractured Pi quilt on your blog, when you posted about it in June 2013.

  2. Judy

    Wow is right. This is a wonderful piece– total impact.

  3. Wow that eyeball method of doing a wedge circle really makes a neat design. I’m going to have to try that. My 2015 list is growing.

    • Just to make it clear, the eyeballing is used on where to make your cut. A ruler and cutter are still used to do the deed. Also, the wedges seemed to use up more material than I thought they would, yet not stretch far enough horizontally. If I had thought ahead more, I might have made a paper mockup first.

  4. What a cool quilt. I love how you have alternated the background black and greys. It makes me think of looking through a wormhole, or fractured time.

  5. Wow! That’s very striking, as is the one from which you drew inspiration! I like the idea that there’s randomness underlying the angular wedge pieces.

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