My Favorites of 2014

Janus-VaticanInstead of revisiting my posts that attracted the most readers in 2014 I want to feature posts which didn’t get a lot of love. You may think this is perverse, but I enjoyed writing them, and I like to think they represent the territory this blog covers.

Old Quilts Are Perennials features a very local quilt show with wonderful old quilts.

Not for the squeamish, Bits and Bobs offers an insider’s tour of the bric a brac jumbled in my mind.

In Modern Curves I review Angela Pingel’s A Quilter’s Mixology, which I consider one of the better quilt books of 2014.

What Happens After You Find Your Voice? explores my efforts to develop a unique style.

I do yet more navel gazing in The Difference Between Art and Craft and ponder where my work fits.

Since I love eye candy, I always enjoy revisiting A Must-See in San Diego, and the Nickols quilt collection.

With this post I’ll put 2014 in the done pile. I’ll tackle my plans for 2015 later this month.



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6 responses to “My Favorites of 2014

  1. Thanks for this post. I discovered your blog recently so I had fun reading these older posts. The Mingei collection – WOW, thanks for including the link to that collection!!

    • I gather that not all the Nickols collection at the Mingei is on display at any one time, so the online archive is a wonderful resource. I do love the idiosyncrasies of the quilts.

  2. You know me, I love navel gazing. Off to re-read a couple!

  3. I, too, sometimes go back and re-blog older posts that I don’t feel got enough attention so I definitely understand the impulse behind this post! And I’m glad you did make this list–it got me to go back and read what I hadn’t and that gave me new things to ponder! Thanks!

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