More On “Pictorial Art Quilt Guidebook”

I choose books to review here based on whether I’ve learned anything from them. No one contacts me and says, here’s a free book, would you write about it. On occasion I’ve heard from authors who were happy to have their work mentioned, but it’s always been after the fact.

Recently I received a comment from Leni Wiener, author of Pictorial Art Quilt Guidebook. I’m reprinting it here (in case you don’t read the comments made on previous posts) as she clarifies some of my remarks about her book, and makes the readers of this blog an offer.

“Thanks for the really nice review of my book! I want to assure all your blog readers that you can use batting to submit your finished art quilts into quilt shows that still require three layers–I just find I prefer a more “graphic art” (flatter) look to mine. But the whole point is I want to show you the ropes and then you can make the technique your own by adding or subtracting anything you like or don’t. And by the way, I also prepare the pattern for you if you want–and for readers of this blog–just tell me “I read it on the Snarky Quilter” and I will do your first pattern at no charge. Go to and find the Pattern section. Thanks again!”


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