My Guild Breaks Out

No, my traditional guild wasn’t incarcerated. Or maybe it was, figuratively speaking. My lovely co-members like kits, are inclined to follow patterns exactly, and often have their quilting done by professional longarm quilters. They are by the book.

So, at our recent Sweet Treats challenge reveal I was amazed to hear statements like, “for the first time I didn’t use a pattern,” “I just did some free motion quilting,” and “I used a fabric marker to cover up the wrong colors.” Way to go, ladies.

Here’s irony for you. For the first time in ages I followed a pattern for my challenge piece, to the letter.

DC's_sweet_treats_challengeFree motion with fusible applique. The candies spell out “how sweet it is.”

BY's_sweet_treats_challengeNo pattern!


JC's_Sweet_treats_challengeColored markers and inks.

Dandy CandyMine, from Angela Pingel’s “A Quilter’s Mixology.”



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4 responses to “My Guild Breaks Out

  1. Well, good for them! Did they like it? Will they do more, do you think, or will they head back to the safety of kits and patterns?

    • I know at least one member has been edging toward the looser end of the quilting spectrum. I think for many members who work they like knowing exactly how much material they’ll need and what they’ll need to do. Some don’t get to sew regularly and, as with everything, you get better at quilting with practice. That includes making changes in patterns and just winging it.

  2. It’s wonderful to see what happens when people go off-pattern. I love the 3rd photo — wish I felt slightly freer and could achieve something of that nature. One goal I have for the winter is to try strip quilts pushing from Seminole toward Anna Williams. That would be a break-out move for me.

    • That quilt is by a guild member who has been heading off the traditional reservation over the past year. The back of that quilt is improv as well. I can’t wait to see Anna Williams inspired work from you.

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