Bah Humbug

We’re approaching the time of year when I can dread snow and “the holidays.” I saw the season’s first flakes a few days ago, but the brunt of the white stuff went elsewhere. Lucky Buffalo. I can hear the snow gods now – we’ll be back.

That brings me to “the holidays.” I know many (most?) people will recoil in horror at this, but I hate “the holidays.” Christmas trees and model train sets are fine. Festive meals are fine, too. It’s the incessant music everywhere and the push to buy, buy, buy that make me bonkers. Plus, everyone whines about how stressed out they are with all the holiday doings.

So, let’s talk about making, rather than buying, gifts. Let’s be real and not fantasize about making a king size quilt for each of our loved ones. Instead, why don’t we contemplate smaller items that might actually be useful.

I’ve already written about two handy quilted/sewn items that would make nice gifts – a fabric bowl holder for the microwave and a smartphone/tablet stand. You probably have all the materials for these already.

fabric bowlsphone stand rear view

I found several possibilities on Robert Kaufman’s free patterns website.  Sandwich sacks, totes (including a sewing tote,) beach towels, purse organizer, duffle bag, dog bed, tablet case, camera case,  zipper pouches, a variety of pillows, etc. There are lots of Kona solids based quilts as well. And don’t forget to check out the free patterns offered by other fabric companies as well. Of course they want you to buy their fabric, but you can probably pull together fabric from your stash.


On the receiving end, your loved ones may be happy to give you a rainbow selection of thread or a workshop you’ve been wanting to try. Maybe a handy person will put together a design wall for you. For myself, I’m hoping someone will finally put the little drummer boy out of his misery.


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18 responses to “Bah Humbug

  1. patty

    I am with you! I was getting my hair cut Saturday and they had Xmas music on and I wanted to pull my hair out! It is all such a bunch of crap! Have you seen that horrible commercial with the guy hitting their stomachs and the sound is a drum? The ad executives need to be flogged! I am not a buyer for xmas, but usually make the nieces and nephews pillow cases. Maybe I need to switch it up this year and make ipad holders. I will have to see if I have the stuff I need to make a few of these.

  2. Ooooh, I love the snarkiness of this post! Our family gave up Christmas gifts several years ago–no one really NEEDS anything! So we get together and enjoy the company, eat a lot, drink a fair amount, and just hang out. But we like to make things so maybe we’ll use one of your craft ideas as an activity for Christmas Day!

  3. We are a family of “realistic expectations” for the holidays too, and went to giving donations to people’s favorite charities a few years ago — but this year I am making that tablet stand for everybody! So practical! Glad you brought it to my attention!

  4. I’m so happy that I’m in a family of people of low expectations and needs. We grave up gifts and just enjoy each other’s company. My friends are all getting the same gift of handmade soap, lotion and lip balm. I made it all today in about 3 hours. Just have to get the Christmas cards done and my holiday will be set.

  5. Thank you for a few ideas besides pot holders. I think every quilter’s family has a dozen already. And I agree with your sentiments, just a nice little latte with eggnog and I’m done for the season.

  6. Pam

    I hear ya. I l-o-v-e tiny white lights and glitter, but cookie exchanges should be outlawed. Thanks for all the ideas!

  7. Lesley

    My sentiments, entirely! Nobody believes it, though. “Grumpy old women, unite!”, I say. That is, if you can spare the time.

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