What Modern Quilters Are Up To

Just in case you don’t follow the Modern Quilt Guild’s blog, I wanted to share a post on the modern quilts shown at the recent International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas. Here’s the link so you can get a flavor of what MQG chose to showcase.

Some of the quilts just bowled me over. Thanks to Christa Quilts for the photos.

colorado-4x4-stephanie-ruyleColorado 4 x 4 by Stephanie Ruyle. I just love how the stars fade in and out, and how the different background neutrals create an echo effect. The white binding keeps the focus on the stars and doesn’t pull your eye out to the edges.

fade-into-gray-stephanie-ruyleFade Into Gray by Stephanie Ruyle (again). This quilt was made as a college graduation gift for someone named Grayson. I love grays so this quilt plays to my weakness. All those curves remind me of the work of Jean Wells.

pixel-pusher-ii-caro-sheridanPixel Pusher II by Caro Sheridan. I like how this two color quilt makes kind of a diagonal transition, doesn’t try to be pretty, and works that aqua blue binding.

grand-canal-casey-york-quilted-by-ann-mcnewGrand Canal by Casey York, quilted by Ann McNew. This one made me laugh because I keep being told that in landscape quilts you should never place the horizon line dead center. Either use 1/3 sky/ 2/3 land or vice versa. But since I take it the quilt is meant to evoke a vacation snapshot, maybe that horizon line could happen in a photo.



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2 responses to “What Modern Quilters Are Up To

  1. These are pretty cool! I really like the Fade to Gray one, too–the use of negative space and shots of red kept me looking at that one.

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