In The Clouds

I finally finished a small quilt that’s been awaiting a technique breakthrough in cloud making. When I wrote about this stumbling block before, I was trying to paint silk organza to resemble clouds. Then, I ran into technical difficulty when I tried to figure out how to attach the painted clouds to the piece in a way that didn’t look hokey.

My breakthrough came from a wonderful landscape quilt I saw at Quilt Canada this past summer. Tracey Lawko, the artist, used white netting to trap some sort of white fluffy stuff to create clouds in her Windswept Snow 1.

Windswept-Snow-1-by-textile-artist-Tracey-LawkoThat epiphany set me off on a different method to simulate clouds. I tried cotton wool and even cat hair under white netting.

Finally, I tried shredded wool batting and found that worked best of any material I had experimented with.


You can see detail of some of the clouds below.

IMG_5023In_The_Clouds_detail1I did some quilting before attaching the clouds as I was concerned about too many lines running through them. My experiments at free motion quilting clouds were failures. So, I did more quilting after sewing on the clouds. I wish I had sewn on the clouds before doing any quilting so the edges weren’t so puffy, but that’s a lesson learned.

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