Printing Play Time

For our October meeting a quilt group I belong to, Contemporary Cloth Artists (CoCA), used cheap and easy stamps and fabric paint to enhance/create fabric.  This is the same technique I wrote about earlier.

Members cut up foam sheets to make stamps, and used materials like bubble wrap to add intriguing texture. One enthusiast even used a silicone mat designed for kitchen use.

C's fish printThe grasses were printed with a foam stamp. I think the fish were, too.

JC's leaf teeThis printing method works well for tee shirts.

JM's tire tracks printCut up foam, a wine cork, and a pool noodle section

L's grass printThe same foam stamp was used with two colors of paint. The piece is draped over a chair.

L's swirl printEveryone loved how easy it was to cut the foam.

M's foamie printThis has a southwestern feel.

S's phoenix printHere’s a phoenix and a bit of the stamp created for the grasses in the fish print.

S's phoenix stampHere’s the foam stamp for the phoenix.

Bottom line – art quilters just want to have fun.


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2 responses to “Printing Play Time

  1. It does look like fun–I’d be interested to see what becomes of these fabric pieces!

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