Winter, The Art Quilt

My art quilt entry in Amy’s Creative Side Bloggers’ Quilt Festival is the Winter piece of my four seasons quartet. Yup, just like Vivaldi, only without the music.

Please check out all the other wonderful entries in this online quilt show as well. Voting for favorites in each category runs from November 1 to 7, with winners announced on November 8.

winterWinter is a spare four patch design using Vicki Welsh’s hand dyed fabric, batiks, and a Lonni Rossi print. I quilted it with wandering curved lines using a walking foot. It measures 18.5 by 31 inches. To me it evokes snow drifts and cracked ice puddles, and echoes the subdued colors of winter.


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17 responses to “Winter, The Art Quilt

  1. The quilting combined with the squares of green-yellow and purply-slate make me think of a river that’s frozen over and trapped fallen leaves under the ice – it’s beautiful and chilly all at once!

  2. I think your choice and use of fabric really makes this quilt. What you have done with it is exquisite.

  3. Stephanie Baker

    This looks great. I completely see winter in this.

  4. patty

    SO pretty! I tried to enter a quilt in the blogger festival, but I can’t figure out how to do it. It keeps saying something about a back link and I can’t get a picture to show up, etc …. I am technically pathetic!

  5. It’s beautiful! Couldn’t you embed a tiny little iPod in the batting? Then you could have Vivaldi, too!

    • Ha! Maybe I could take a cue from all those Halloween decorations that emit sepulchral laughter or hollow voiced scary sentiments when you get close to them. You know, a soundtrack might enhance some quilts. You may be onto something.

  6. I love the movement in this piece and the border fabric.

  7. Well, you know that In love it!

  8. jennyklyon

    Love the feeling of rhythm/ movement and the transparent feeling of the piecing.

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