Spirit of Place

Recently I began an online course in making landscape quilts. While I think I could have figured out the process on my own, I wanted to get expert guidance to avoid dead ends.

Ever since I visited the Annapolis Royal Gardens in Nova Scotia I’ve wanted to make a quilt of the salt marshes in back of the gardens. Photos I took of a gate that led to the marshes became my inspiration. I loved the wildness just beyond the gate. It’s such a contrast to the beautiful constructs of the gardens.

Series marsh cropped

I combined elements of this photo with shots of the same scene taken from other angles, and developed two colored pencil sketches.



Academy of Quilting teacher Susan Brittingham has you develop a full scale pattern for your quilt based on a photo or drawing. First I made outline drawings of my photos, editing the scene as desired, and then I had the drawings enlarged to 3 and 4 times their original 9 by 12 inch size. I hadn’t realized how inexpensive this process was until I spent some time at my local FedEx Office store. For about $3 I got two black and white enlargements. It’s much more expensive to get color enlargements.

Next I’m supposed to do tracing paper copies of my enlargements to use as a guide for fabric placement. Then, I’m to trace the drawing outline onto a piece of muslin backing.

Lots of prep work before I put even one piece of fabric in place. Knowing me, I’ll most likely change my scenes as I work on them. I have a feeling I’m going to need more fabric before I’m done.


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2 responses to “Spirit of Place

  1. Neat project! I’ll look forward to watching you develop this!

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