It’s Never Too Late (To Add More Quilting)

My last post featured a quilt that had too much going on. This post features one that seriously lacked quilting. Here’s a shot of the back right after I began adding more quilting. Talk about wide open spaces.

old_quilting_kaleidoscope_quiltIn my defense, I made this quilt about 2004.  It’s based on a quilt I had long admired in an old issue (May 1984) of Quilters Newsletter.


I laboriously worked out the number of blocks I needed and struggled with getting all those points to touch. The photo of the directions I developed proves that at one time I did plan stuff out. However, I guess I was tired of it when it came time to quilt it, or I didn’t understand the need for more quilting than I did.


Ten years later I pulled it out and went to work on it with my walking foot. I decided to trace the circles formed by the blocks and do what I could to stabilize the outer blocks. I would have done more quilting to emphasize the patterns formed by the blocks, but I was getting a lot of thread buildup where the quilting lines meet.



My husband was tickled to see a “geometric” (his word) quilt under my needle so I may try to hang this one after the painters are done.


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8 responses to “It’s Never Too Late (To Add More Quilting)

  1. That’s a lovely quilt and well worth the time to add to the stitching! What an improvement!

  2. You are right. It’s never too late! This one looks great.

  3. I love that quilting! It looks so classic and adds another layer of interest.

  4. jennyklyon

    Ohhh-much better! Lovely piece!

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