Quilt Do Overs

Not content with new unfinished projects, I’m redoing old, long finished quilts. Why? Because they’re driving me crazy.

One kaleidoscope quilt from 2004 has sparse machine quilting spaced at least six inches apart. What was I thinking?

However, I want to talk about a quilt from 2011 that went seriously wrong somewhere along the way. I started out with appliqued drunkards path blocks in black and white fabrics that I arranged in fanciful pathways. I decided it needed more punch so I added hot pink to the mix in appliqued circles and a surround. This was my first attempt at satin stitch edging around circles. I think it was also my last.

Not satisfied, I appliqued ribbon and more circles in the pink surround, this time using black and white fabrics.

I still wasn’t happy with it, so I threw more black and white fabric on it with a casually curved outer border. I believe the fabric was called Hot Flash. Then I bound it with more pink.

Talk about a hot mess! I rationalize it as my first attempt at an original design. Yes, I know that Mary Mashuta and others have similar designs.

It's Not All Black and White

It’s been buried in my trunk for years and was unearthed recently only because I was looking for another quilt to donate for an auction.

Before I could reconsider, I threw it on my cutting mat and sliced off the outer curved border with the binding. While I wanted to remove the ribbon, that was impossible due to the quilting. My masochism goes just so far. Instead, I left the curved edge created by my surgery and bound the quilt with bias binding in a muted gray/black batik.

The result is still way too busy and just off, but I think it’s better than it was.



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6 responses to “Quilt Do Overs

  1. I think you made a big improvement to the quilt and I’m very impressed with the method–I’m pretty sure it would never have occurred to me to cut pieces off a finished quilt!

  2. Show and tell, you have come a long way, baby. I was not ever a fan of black and white and red, or pink, but some folks love the combo. Gift opportunity for someone who will love it. The redo works! And, I agree with how fun it is to slice up something. On another tack, isn’t it interesting how sparsely we used to quilt? Now, the style is dense. Love your writing, you are sew entertaining, and I can relate to you.

    • Thanks for the kind words. “It’s Not All Black and White” needs all the love it can get. Wonder who I can gift it to? And yes, I’m shocked when I examine the machine quilting on my older quilts. You’d think I was paying by the stitching line. I’m amazed those quilts have lasted through washings and wall display. I guess it’s something to be said for batting with a scrim.

  3. jennyklyon

    HUGE difference-excellent and courageous do-over!

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