Leftover Inspiration

In the course of looking at images for my Kansas quilt I found other ideas that I’d like to do something with.

Here’s an aerial photograph of pivot irrigation circles that would make a great abstract quilt in taupe and neutrals. Maybe I could use that 6 minute circle technique.


And Mr Wright’s glass offers more fascinating images.

flw_abstract_stained_glass_frank lloyd wright

Saguero frank lloyd wrightAll of these make use of really skinny divider strips.

Speaking of skinny strips, here’s a quilt from the Nickols collection at the Mingei International Museum. It’s an 1890s window pane charm top. Totally “modern” and it’s a great collection of fabric swatches from the period.

1890s window pane charm top Nickols collection 2012-35-043_001


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8 responses to “Leftover Inspiration

  1. Rebecca in SoCal

    That circle picture is a great design inspiration! And the FLW picture gives you a quilting pattern in the concrete surround. Yes, Jackie Robinson wrote a book of quilts based on FLW designs: http://www.amazon.com/Quilts-Tradition-Frank-Lloyd-Wright/dp/1885156138

    I wanted to run right down to the Mingei, but the link says the collection is on display through March 2013. I will have to take a look, as I am planning a trip to Balboa Park museums. I believe it was the Mingei where I stopped before an entire wall of batik “chops” (the copper print stamps). Very cool.

    • Thanks for the FLW quilt patterns info. I knew someone had done a book of them. As for the Mingei, I guess you could see if some of the quilts are part of the museum’s regular gallery displays. I know you can see all the quilts online, but those thumbnail photos just don’t cut it if you can see the real thing. I’m jealous a visit is a possibility for you.

  2. I like the idea of looking to F.L. Wright for inspiration–his work always gets to me. And I love that antique quilt–FAB!

    • I seem to recall that someone developed quilt patterns based on FLW designs but I could be mistaken. And if I’m ever near that Mengei museum it’s on my must-see list since they received that antique quilt collection.

  3. jennyklyon

    Ooooo-love that first circle one!

  4. Modern isn’t all that modern is it?

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