Round ‘Em Up, Get ‘Em Done

I knew I was in trouble when I saw more than five tops on my to-be-quilted list. And I cheat on that list as a series of small quilts aren’t even mentioned. There was nothing for it but to plunge into fitting up backs for my tops.

So my main quilting related activity over the past week has been piecing together backs. I did free motion quilt a small improv piece and a wall hanging, but I won’t continue to bore you with my FMQ travails except to say that the piece below quilted up problem-free and the other one didn’t.

Purple Rays

Back to those backs, all but one is pieced as I like that look and I have very few large pieces of yardage. I even pieced a back for a top still on my design wall. I gave myself an extra scoop of coconut chocolate chunk ice cream for that bit of forward thinking.

To keep up the pressure on myself to get stuff finished, I’ve paired my tops with their backs and hung them in my fabric closet. That way every time I venture into my stash I’ll experience guilt about the unfinished stuff and start quilting instead of piecing. At least that’s the theory.

to be quilted



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10 responses to “Round ‘Em Up, Get ‘Em Done

  1. Love the improvised quilt you’ve shown here! Great idea about pairing the quilt tops and backs ready to assemble, too 🙂

  2. Rewarding yourself with extra ice cream–now that’s a technique I could embrace! I am very impressed with your organization and your resolve!

    • I’m big on bribing myself. I respond much better to carrots than sticks. And the real reason I’m trying to get those tops quilted is so I can start a new project. For every 2 tops I finish I get to start 1 new project.

  3. I love that small quilt! It reminds me of stepping through a portal into an alternate universe, one that looks like an interesting place to explore!

  4. Getting the projects finished is always a problem. I used to be a one project person because it made me feel better. Now, I have a few projects going and I get overwhelmed. The best way to get back to my one project at a time, was when my bee group made us all write a list of all are projects we were working on. I thought I would only have a few projects, but I ended up writing a list of 23 projects. Every time we brought a project finished to the group we would put our name in the piggy bank and 25 cents. After, about a year we picked a name out, and that person won the piggy bank and money.
    Guess who won!!!!! It was the only thing that has ever motivated me to finish.
    It must have been the support group, the challenge, the money……but it worked.

    • What a great way to encourage completions of UFOs. My carrot is to allow myself to start a new project once I’ve completed 2 old ones. Right now I’ve completed 1 7/8 old projects, and hope to reach 2 by next Monday. I just need to sew down a binding. One other thought – sometimes I find a project just isn’t worth finishing. I may hate the colors or decide there’s a fatal design flaw. I keep these for a few years and use them for experiments with dyeing and printing. Sometimes I cut them up and use them in other projects.

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