Oops, I Did It Again

I’ve been making sterling progress on my M & Ms challenge quilt. Once I pieced and quilted it, I decided to eliminate a little waviness along the edges by blocking it. So, out came the water spray bottle and the T pins.

After spraying the quilt’s edges I pinned the quilt to the carpeting in the spare bedroom and left it to dry for a few days. When I returned to unpin it I noticed, to my horror, that the green fabric had bled a bit into the white background.

Now, the quilting world is divided into those who pre-wash fabric and those who don’t. I’m of the former school, mostly because that’s the way I started and I don’t want to combine washed and non-washed fabric. And there have been times when the extra step has paid off.

To return to that green fabric, it’s a piece of hand dyed fabric I was given. Since I rinse/wash/rinse my hand dyes I made the assumption everyone did the same. I didn’t wash it before use. Oops.

The bleeding might not have shown up on another color background, but on white you have no margin for error.

After the first wave of dismay passed I began to think about how to fix this.  I rejected bleaching as in the past I’ve made the original problem worse using that method.

Finally I decided to paint over the area with white fabric paint. Out came my trusty Jacquard textile paints and a thin paint brush. Careful daubing covered the bleed.

After painting

Is it perfect? No, but unless you’re less than about six inches away from the quilt you can’t really see the repair.

Dandy Candy

Disaster averted? Well, the green did bleed through to the backing a bit, but I’ll cover that up with the hanging sleeve.

If you have other, better ways of dealing with this kind of mess please let me know. I’m sure I’ll need that information in the future.



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13 responses to “Oops, I Did It Again

  1. Lesley

    When washing mixed colours I always use colour catchers and they have always worked, even with red or navy and white combinations. Doesn’t solve the current problem, I know., but that quilt is breathtaking, nevertheless.

    • Thanks for the kind words about my quilt. I’ve used color catchers when washing finished quilts and have been glad of it. Sometimes I’ve even put bits of the used (and colored) color catchers in small decorative quilted pieces.

  2. Oh, no! You must’ve been horrified! But your solution is clever and the overall look of the finished quilt is fab!

    • Thanks for the compliment. And I’m getting to like the use of fabric paint to fix mistakes. And, if there’s a little bit of a color in your fabric you don’t like you can always change it with paint.

  3. Your quilt is gorgeous, love the quilting! I must remember your solution for the bleeding problem. Barbora

  4. patty

    Was this some of the fabric I gave you? If so, I am so sorry. I had washed the fabric after I had dyed it, but I must not have gotten all the loose dye particles out of the fabric . the quilt did turn out wonderful!

    I had a pink commercial batik I used in a quilt and even though I had prewashed it, it still bleed and I had a heck of a time trying to diminish the bleeding by scrubbing it with quilt soap. The quilt was for a little kid so they would not have cared all that much.

    • I think it may have come from you, but as I said, my bad for not following my own rule about washing my fabric before using it. And pinks/reds just love to bleed even after pre-washing. I love red/white quilts, but am hesitant to make one because of the bleed factor.

  5. It didn’t bleed through to the carpet, did it? THAT could be disastrous, or at least very expensive. Glad you figured out a fix.

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