Stamping At My House

Ever since I got my hands on a copy of Intentional Printing I’ve been itching to print on fabric.  Last week I invited a friend over to play with stamps and fabric paint.  We took different approaches, but ended up with results that pleased us.

While my friend used stamps she already had I created mine from a pool noodle and stick on foam sheets. I also used a bit from packaging material.

printing toolspackaging stamp

My goal was to tone down some garish hand dyed fabric and add another layer of printing to some fabric I had silk screened or stamped previously.

full and half noodle slate printtube print on orangepackaging stamp over silk screen

I also printed with a piece of cardboard wrapped with rubber bands, and rubbing plates designed for paintstiks.

rubber band stamp printspaintstik plate over silk screen

Meanwhile, my friend was getting more delicate effects with her stamps.

JC ink stampsJC sand dollar print

Finally, here’s a piece I added more stamping to.

purple noodle print

I love the way the texture of the cloth and the stamp materials show up. I may even try carving some linoleum blocks I have.


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7 responses to “Stamping At My House

  1. Some great effects. I especially like the rubber bands, and also the last one.

    • And in case I haven’t said so recently, I really appreciate that you take the time to show us your experiments. The fact that I haven’t followed up to try same doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy and learn from them. Thank you.

      • Well, I do believe you can experiment vicariously by seeing what others play around with. And I document my experiments in part so I have a record of what I did and how it turned out. If others are amused or enlightened, all the better. So, you’re welcome.

  2. Oh what fun! I love the rubber band wrapped cardboard.

  3. This looks like fun, and the possibilities are completely endless! I’d be interested in seeing a finished product, showing how you incorporated some of these fabrics in a quilt, someday.

    • I have plans for some of my newly created fabrics, but those plans have to queue up with other projects that have been waiting longer. I’ve used a bunch of my hand dyed fabrics in completed work.

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