It Works!

A few posts back I was moaning about my free motion quilting problems and mentioned the special low tension bobbin case I had ordered for my Janome.  I tried it out over the weekend and found that my eyelashing and other tension related issues are gone.

This bobbin case looks just like the regular one, except that the arrow to help you line up the case is blue, not red.

janome-bobbin-holder-for-free-motion-quilting-200445007_1_largeI tried it out on an old UFO left over from a class on circles.  Here’s the back.

free motion quilting back 2And the front.

free motion quilting front 1My tension issues are pretty much gone. Now if only my other free motion deficiencies could be fixed as easily. I think I’ve run out of remedies I can buy.


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6 responses to “It Works!

  1. Wow–a gadget that actually works as promised?! That’s wonderful!

  2. With all the FMQ books I have, I have never seen anything about a low-tension bobbin! I am going to have to try it too.

    • This bobbin case is specific to a few models of Janome machines – mine fits the MC 6500 and 6600. I think there are similar products for other models and machine brands, but check before you buy. My memory is you can adjust the tension on some bobbin cases, but you’d need to buy a second bobbin case to use for this purpose. I never had the courage to experiment with bobbin tension on my own.

  3. Judy

    So– where did you get it? I NEED one!

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