Modern Curves

I was happy to chance upon A Quilter’s Mixology by Angela Pingel at a library visit recently. The title refers to the drunkard’s path block, not specialty drinks like sunbonnet Sue smoothies or log cabin lager.

A quilter's mixology cover

Yes, this is a quilt pattern book (16, to be precise) but it re-imagines what can be done with the block. As the author says, “It becomes a modern and graphic design that reflects the original block, but introduces a new vision for using the shape.”

Pingel has devised a modern drunkard’s path block that has the quarter circle pieces meet at the seam line and has skinny L-shaped pieces. She uses this alone or in combination with the more traditional block.

Her book includes templates for the blocks, though she uses a die-cutting machine as a time saver. Speaking from experience, it can be tricky to cut accurately from thin template plastic shapes as little bits get shaved off when you cut fabric with your rotary cutter or scissors. I trace the shape with a gel roller pen and then cut on the traced lines.

As for sewing the curves of this block – often  a sticking point – Angela shows a method of sewing halfway from one end and then sewing from the other end to the middle.  The illustrations for this aren’t too clear, but I think you need to flip the block over.

Now for my favorites.

A Quilter's Mixology - Paint Drips Quilt beauty shotI love this clever graphic use of the modern block called Paint Drips.

sunrise table runner PingelThe Sunrise table runner is another striking use of the modern block.

nine patch curves PingelNine Patch Curves would satisfy the more traditional quilter’s fabric choices and work well in bold solids.

A Quilter's Mixology - Loosely Curved Wall Hanging beauty shotLoosely Curved is perfect for a guild challenge I have due in the fall.

I think this book will appeal to a wide array of quilters.  When I brought it to the last meeting of my MQG one member whipped out her smart phone and ordered a copy on the spot. You can read more about the above four plus the other twelve quilt patterns on Angela’s blog Cut To Pieces.


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4 responses to “Modern Curves

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  3. I’m mostly a traditional-style quilter but I love the first and last quilts posted here! What neat ideas for updating a traditional design!

    • Putting aside all the chatter about how modern is modern quilting, I do love it when a traditional quilting design gets a fresh lease on life. To me that’s one of the gifts the modern quilters have brought to the craft.

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