From Farm To Gallery

Let’s leave the chickens behind at the Morningstar Mill and go to another side of Quilt Canada – the Fibre (hey spell check, it’s how Canadians spell it) Art Network (FAN) Abstracted display. Members paired up to illustrate the same subjects in a representative and a non-representative/abstract way.

According to a participant I talked to, each pair decided how they wanted to work together.  Typically the representative piece was started first, but the point at which work began on the abstract piece varied widely.  Often ideas and fabrics were shared early in the creative process.

The degree of abstraction and the elements chosen for abstraction were all over the map, much to my delight. The photos below show details from the exhibit.  You can use the above link to see the pieces in their entirety.

Fifties Flare representational detailDetail from Fifties Flare with an iconic tail fin (Valerie Wilson.)

Fifties Flare abstract detailThe Fifties Flare abstraction (Brandy Lynn Masiowski) broke up that red, added a broken white line to represent a road, and machine quilted the names of songs popular in the day – This Magic Moment, etc.

Great Blue representational detailThe Great Blue Heron representational piece (Judy Weiss) uses lots of thread painting and free motion quilting to show the bird in its habitat.

Great Blue representational abstractThe abstract version (Sharon Rubuliak) picks out symbols of the bird’s habitat.

IMG_4365The iguana’s skin is beautifully rendered in the representational piece (Donna Bray-Zakreski.)

IMG_4366And the abstract piece (Marianne Parsons) is a close up of that skin.

A Forest Surprise representationalA Forest Surprise (Diane Duncan)  has lovely 3D effects.

A Forest Surprise abstractThe abstract version (Judi MacLeod) is quite faithful to its inspiration, but it’s like I took off my glasses.

Colours to Live By representationalColours To Live By (Marianne Parsons) presents a jumbled collection of houses on a slope.

Colours To Live By abstractThe abstract version (Karen Johnson) keeps the landscape and house colors but breaks up the houses into boxes. Stitching lines on the boxes outline house-related shapes.

My final set of photos shows a pair made by the same person – Marianne Parsons.

Milkweed representationalMilkweed captures the pods at the moment of splitting open.

Milkweed abstract detailIn this detail from the abstract version the white fluff is enlarged and the plant is shown in stacked panels.

You can learn more about FAN members, who are all from Western Canada, here.  Galleries of individual members are here.


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2 responses to “From Farm To Gallery

  1. What a spectacular show! I went to the site and saw all the full photos but close-ups are great! The idea behind the show fascinates me and it’s such fun to see the different interpretations. If you were doing this, would you want to do the representational version or the abstract?

    • This is the second FAN show I’ve seen in person and both were excellent. To do justice to reality, the world would be better off if I didn’t try to represent it somewhat accurately. The detail on some of the representational flowers was amazing. I’d be better off doing the abstract because I love to riff on someone else’s stuff and because my “talents” lend themselves to more abstract work.

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