How Should I Quilt My Eggs?

One of the quilting projects draped over my second floor balcony has me stumped for a quilting design.  It’s for a small group 1:3 ratio challenge.  I had little trouble designing the piece, but I’m dithering about how to quilt it.

Easter egg rollOriginally I thought about concentric circles or ovals radiating from each egg that would overlap each other. Then, I considered a spiky design with lots of lines quilted at angles to suggest nests for the eggs.

quilting idea Easter egg rollHere’s the design I developed using Paint software.  I like this effect, but now have to figure out how to quilt the eggs themselves. One possibility would be to do more lines inside the eggs, bouncing off the edges. I drew them in very lightly below.  I’d use thread color that corresponded to the dominant color in each egg.

quilting idea 2 Easter egg roll

Help! Your thoughts and ideas are welcome.



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6 responses to “How Should I Quilt My Eggs?

  1. I think I would do something curvy inside of the eggs to provide some interest that would differentiate them from all of the extreme geometrics around them.

  2. As I was reading, before I saw your pictures, I was thinking of a semi-circular design that would make the surface of each egg looked curved, with some intricate free motion quilting to be the nests. But when I saw your angular lines, for nest and eggs, I liked it! It’s unpredictable – dare I say it’s a fresh “angle” on eggs.

  3. Quilting Tangent

    How about soft wave like line that cross at different angles in each box (to resemble grass in an Easter basket). Or a different curve design in each box. The straight lines look very harsh to me for the eggs, looks like if you remove a line the egg will drop and break. Save the lines for a different project.

    • Hmm, I could create a sadistic Easter egg game like that children’s game where all the marble drop down if you remove the wrong straw. However, I will experiment with wavy lines to see what they might be like. Thanks for the suggestion.

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