If It’s Wednesday…

Canadian Libs Eliott has garnered lots of quilting press for her computer code based quilt designs.  Her approach is to combine new technology with traditional craft.  She writes on her blog:

In my opinion, the past is comforting and the future is exciting.
My father is an antiques dealer so I grew up around ‘old things’. Beautiful things that were crafted by hand and that have a rich history. Naturally, growing up in this environment and learning the history of all these objects, I still find comfort in the old. However, I also have a great appreciation for clean, modern design, architecture and technology. The future is exciting, fast and random…just like the HYPE_Processing tool I use. The past and the future evoked opposite, conflicting feelings in me until I began making these ‘modern heirlooms’. I love what I do because it brings together modern technology and traditional craft in a harmonious way and solves this dilemma.

She’s also been experimenting with laser cutting her fabric. I can but dream of having access to such technology.

So, is her work art quilting?  Personally, I consider it graphic contemporary quilting, but you can decide for yourself.

2013_Green_Processing Libs Eliottstatic.squarespace.com Libs EliottHere’s Libs at work pinning her layers together.  To be young and have good knees again.

FULL_Quilt Libs EliottThis quilt is made up of Liberty lawn fabrics.

2013_Zig-Quilt-full Libs EliottI enjoy that single turquoise triangle.

EEvsJD_TS2 Libs Eliott topI think this one is a work in progress. I do like those pops of blue.




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6 responses to “If It’s Wednesday…

  1. These quilt are colorful, but I just don’t see that these quilts are all that revolutionary or edgy esp. the one made from liberty fabrics – it looks rather vintage to me. I don’t understand where the computer code aspect is shown. For anyone who is obsessive about precision I can see how they would like the laser cutting equipment.

    • I think the computer coding is used to develop the piecing designs, but don’t ask me how. And I take your point about lack of edginess so far as concepts. There are lots of sharp edges in the designs themselves. I’m often puzzled at what captures the attention of the quilting industry press. This quilter has been featured in a few modern quilting magazines as well as more arty magazines. Certainly there are many contemporary/art quilters toiling away in obscurity who I consider more worthy of feature articles.

  2. jennyklyon

    Really interesting work! I too love that one with the single turquoise triangle as well as the one after it. Great post!

  3. I’m lining up a couple of “simple” projects, not medallions. I’m planning a triangles quilt and a rail fence, intending to play with color/value but not much more. The photos above are inspiring on the triangles. Thanks.

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