The Year in Four Quilts

With a determined push I sewed down the facings to my four seasonal quilts this past week.  They have been hanging over my second floor balcony railing for many months and the guilt finally got to me.

A Craftsy class on quilting with a walking foot by Jacquie Gering gave me the impetus to quilt gently curving lines over each.  I had been trying to develop a leaf-based free motion quilting design for them, so I was happy to have an alternative to that.  My to-be-quilted pile is heavily weighted with pieces in need of free motion quilting.

SpringSummerFallwinterAs I’m sure you’ve figured out, these are shown in order from spring to winter. The inner lozenges feature hand dyed fabric from Vicki Welsh.  These were part of a giveaway she hosted on her blog, Field Trips in Fiber. The outer fabrics are a mix of commercial and hand dyed.  I dyed the summer fabric, while the fall fabric is a damask I bought at a long ago NQA show.  As I recall, the other quilters on the bus we took to the show were extremely puzzled why anyone would pay good money for fabric like that.

Each is about 21 by 32 inches, and could be used as a table runner or wall hanging. My favorite is winter as I love the Lonni Rossi outer fabric. The grayish purple jagged lines remind me of winter sunsets and ice glazed puddles.


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16 responses to “The Year in Four Quilts

  1. Your wall quilts/table runners are precious – love them. My fav is spring; so fresh and clean looking. Love the “Wave” quilting….

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  4. I love them and that wave quilting! It is just the ticket for some sea creature baby quilts I am working on,
    I think I have four Craftsy classes to take (I buy them, but then I would always rather quilt than watch videos, so I put it off), but I will look into Jacquie’s class too.

    • The wave quilting is fun to do as long as you don’t mind winging it. I came across one poor soul trying to mark the wave in advance. The Craftsy classes are broken up into lessons so I often pick and choose which ones I watch. And I do learn a lot by reading the questions and answers.

      • “Winging it” is my strong suit! The other women in my quilt group introduce me to new members by saying, “She is a free spirit, and she is not afraid of color.” You know how Southern ladies can find a gracious way to make any trait sound positive! 🙂

      • My favorite southern expression is “bless his/her heart.” This is usually a signal that the subject is about to be dissed big time.

  5. Lori

    Very cohesive series. Love the fabric choices. How did you like Jacquie’s class? I am considering it.

    • What you’d get out of the class would depend on how much quilting you’ve done with a walking foot. I’ve done a fair amount, so some of the techniques weren’t new to me. However, I did pick up some tips that were worth the price of admission (I got a half price offer.) Jacquie stresses care and precision in preparation and a systematic approach to quilting order. Jacquie herself is a personable instructor with a warm manner.

  6. These are fabulous – I’ve always wanted to do something like this. I think you just motivated me to far up and make something like this. Great post! Winter is my fav.

  7. Judy

    Ah– a series! I am delighted to see seasonal quilts without the ‘usual’ colors. Love the fabric choices.

    • That’s right, you won’t find the usual bunnies, flags, pumpkins, and snowmen in my seasonal quilts. As always, playing with the fabrics was the fun part of this series.

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