A Meeting Of The Squares

It seems I can’t get enough of my squares.  I tried yet another variation – this one with four colors and just one square design. Here’s the one I actually sewed together.

IMG_4137And then here’s some variations I tried out.


IMG_4131Rearranging these 5 inch squares is quite addictive.  The biggest problem is choosing which setting to sew up.  I don’t know how far I’ll extend this series.  Right now I haven’t chosen any new colors to try, though I may try the purple/green fabrics with another block design.


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13 responses to “A Meeting Of The Squares

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  2. I think it needs to be a series!

  3. can’t wait to see this quilted. I love wonky blocks, and the solid colors are so fresh. your designs are awesome.

    • Thanks for the compliment. I’ve been thinking of using a Leah Day quilting design called mod circuitry (I think.) At any rate, the quilting probably will be angular and the same for all the little quilts in this square series.

  4. sandy a.

    That block would be interesting in black, white, and red. Of course, I’m on a black, white and red kick right now.

    • I’ve made it up in orange/red, yellow, and gray, which turned out to be striking. I might want to try black, red, and gray at some future point. I always worry about red fabric bleeding into white, despite washing beforehand, ever since I pretty much ruined a quilt when the red binding bled into the white areas. Though the black/red/white is such a graphic combo. I’ll need to mull that idea over.

  5. Oh I like this block a lot!

  6. Interesting. I like the simplicity of color and shape, which allows such complexity when put together. I can see why you are addicted!

    • It’s fascinating to see how changes in color position affect how the blocks interact. I have to stop using this series as an excuse not to get on with the quilting I have stacked up.

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