It’s Getting Cloudy

Recently I’ve been trying to make clouds by painting silk organza. This is for a small piece that’s based on a photo of the sky reflected on skyscraper windows.


I pulled out my Dyna Flow paints, put some fabric under my organza to catch the excess paint, wet the organza, made up a grayish color from black, white and blue paint, and slapped it on.

My first effort worked great on the under cloth but was too pale on the organza.  Next, I tried some Tulip fabric paint in black and white and mixed up another gray.  This time I found that the Tulip paint didn’t flow like the Dyna Flow and I ended up with gray blobs.  It looked like an out of focus x-ray of a suspicious lung growth.

clouds on organza

Then I added more white with a Paintstik, to make the effect less thunderstorm of the year-ish. The result was more the effect I wanted.  The Paintstik was easier to blend in with the gray than any of the paint I tried.


I still have to figure out how to cut cloud shapes that aren’t cartoonish and attach them.  But one step at a time.


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2 responses to “It’s Getting Cloudy

  1. Judy

    Thanks– this was very helpful. I love it when you experiment and I benefit! You can buy ‘çloud’ fabric– it always looks like something out of a picture book illustration.

    • I live to serve. I’m hoping the sky and skyscraper will show through the organza pieces to give a transparent effect. I’ll be trying different fusing materials (Mistyfuse and Wonder Under) to see which works best.

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