Post Piracy

I just learned that an unscrupulous website is publishing some of my posts without my knowledge, much less permission.  You can read about this at The Bitchy Stitcher. I’ve been contacted by some reputable bloggers to ask if they could use a post or a photo, and I’ve always said yes.  The offending website is obviously stealing the information content of others to give itself a specious air of respectability.

If you write a blog I suggest you visit the offending site and search for your blog name.  You may be unpleasantly surprised, as I was.

I haven’t yet figured out what to do about this for the SQ, but obviously I need some sort of copyright statement.  I’ll let you know of any further installments to this story.



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10 responses to “Post Piracy

  1. Thanks. The seems to have been taken down.

  2. I tried the web address given in the original post and it doesn’t work. right? Do you think they’ve already taken it down? I hope so. Sorry your stuff got stolen. Rotten bastards!

  3. I just wrote a short post on my blog about this. The only thing to do is go to WordPress’ Facebook page and flood their page with complaints because they are the hosting platform and GoDaddy is the domain provider. I complained to both. WordPress’ FB page would more than likely get their attention before GoDaddy.

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